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Independent Reporting and Expert Witness Services

Litigation within the Construction and Building Services Industries is a growing trend in Australia. As there is an increase in new materials and technologies as well as changes in practices and procedures, there is subsequently an increasing demand for Independent Reporting and Forensic Analysis  & Investigative Reporting. Our clients include but are not limited to individuals, architects, builders, insurance companies, legal firms, strata managers, or corporations.

PJ Wright & Associates has extensive experience in the investigation, assessment and reporting on all facets of Hydraulic Service and Plumbing design for all varieties of projects. This experience and knowledge have allowed us to develop research and product databases that can be drawn from. Drawing from a comprehensive resource library and of current and past content, our ever expanding knowledge base and our technical expertise, PJ Wright & Associates can provide an unbiased, thorough assessment of design or non-compliance issues and advise on options for rectification and or replacement if required.

Whether you are the owner of a failed system or you want to confirm that the Hydraulic Building Services installed are compliant with all relevant Acts, Regulations, Codes and Standards, PJWA can provide a detailed, comprehensive report to satisfy your requirements.

Our areas of investigation include but are not limited to;

•    Material Failure
•    Systemic Failures
•    Rainwater and Stormwater damage
•    Hydraulic Services Design inadequacies
•    Installation faults
•    Fault finding
•    Remedial and/or rectification works
•    Non-compliant Installations
•    Water quality and its resultant effect on materials and systems
•    Health and Environmental Impact

PJ Wright & Associates adheres to a strict internal Code of Conduct for all matters requiring Independent Reporting and Expert Witness Services. We find it essential to ensure that there is no conflict of interest before any engagement. We are completely transparent to our clients and respect the confidentiality in all aspects of our services. We have built ongoing relationships with previous clients due to the order in which conduct our services.

Our reports are complete and thorough addressing all matters instructed under the Client Brief. We can provide consultation to prospective clients as to the extents of their brief and the advantages and disadvantages of inclusion. As part of Independent Reporting and Forensic Analysis Investigation, PJ Wright & Associates can provide an Expert Witness Service for any matters related to Hydraulic and Plumbing Services.

Our Expert Witness Service is provided in line with the District Court of Western Australia “Code of Conduct - Expert Witness” and the Federal Court of Australia Practise Note CM 7 - “Expert Witness in Proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia”.

PJ Wright & Associates has experience in sitting in the State Administration Tribunal (SAT) as Expert Witnesses and have to experience in the processes and procedures that are involved. We work closely with our client’s legal representation to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible to receive the desired outcome.

PJ Wright & Associates is also registered as Expert Witnesses in Hydraulic Services and Fire Services field, with Unisearch Expert Opinion Services, a National online database for Expert Witness Services based at the University of NSW.




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Hydraulic Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates specialise in Hydraulic Design Services & understand the importance of being able to provide our clientele with a comprehensive Hydraulic design & documentation packages of the highest standard, which is cost efficient and functional for the end user. We offer a diverse range of Plumbing Design & Hydraulic Design Consulting services to suit our clients needs.