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Fire Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates have extensive experience in the hydraulic fire services design of hydrant, hose reel and drencher design for all classes of buildings and occupancy.

Working in close consultation with the client, project architect and the fire engineer, we can develop cost-effective designs that fully address the project and client needs. All aspects of the project will be considered and a risk analysis performed to ensure the entire project is adequately protected from fire hazards and that their consequences controlled, either for a basic “Deemed to Satisfy” fire service designs, or complex designs based upon engineered solutions.

Due to a growing demand on existing agency water infrastructure, a decrease in available flows and pressures for firefighting has occurred. Many clients do not foresee potential additional costs to ensure the building is adequately protected from fire.

As a result, the building may require the installation of fire tanks and pumps in order to be able to provide the required flows and pressures. Not only can this prove a costly but it also may result in a large area of the site being required for the fire tanks and pumps to be located.

Early consultation with PJWA will ensure that the client is aware of what is required for their project to meet all approvals in regards to fire protection.

PJ Wright & Associates have designed compliant fire systems for a diverse range of projects and have gained design expertise and knowledge to address most issues relating to hydrant, hose reel, and drencher design.

Through our ongoing professional development and by maintaining close professional relationships with various industry bodies and fire engineers, we are fully conversant with the current design requirements legislation and standards.

PJ Wright & Associates have engineered compliant fire systems in a diverse range of projects which have resulted in design expertise and knowledge which can be utilised by the client and all stages of their development. PJ Wright & Associates also maintain constant professional development and close professional relationships with various industry organisations and Fire Engineers to ensure that all design requirements are addressed and are compliant with current legislation and standards.

Our experience in Fire Services design includes:
•   Fire Hydrant system (attack and feed hydrant) compliant with AS 2419.1
•   Fire Hose Reel system to AS 2441.
•   Drencher systems to AS 2118.2.
•   Extinguishers to AS 2444.
•   Fire Storage and Pumps systems to AS 2419.1 & AS 2941.

Our extensive knowledge and experience will ensure that your project will be fully compliant and safe and provide a cost-effective and efficient fire service.



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Hydraulic Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates specialises in plumbing and hydraulic services design and understands the importance of being able to provide our clients with a comprehensive hydraulic engineering consultancy service. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality design package.

PJ Wright & Associates understand the needs of the ‘end user’are paramount when developing plumbing and hydraulic design solutions. This ensures that our designs are functional as well as cost effective.