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Gas Service Design

PJ Wright & Associates maintains consultation and correspondence with ATCO gas to ensure that it is up to date with all the latest criteria and specifications in relation to the supply and availability of either Natural Gas (NG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for any project. The availability will determine what type of gas will be required for the proposed project and the supply type. This could be either reticulated supplies for NG and LPG or bottled LPG cylinders which can be replaceable or refillable.

With close consultation with all stakeholders of the proposed project, PJ Wright & Associates can develop a scope of works in relation to the gas requirements required to fulfil the client’s needs and wants, and also to fulfil the statutory requirements of the specific codes and standards relating to the project. This can include advice as to the availability and feasibility of utilising gas within the project and specifying specific gas products and fixtures that will ensure the gas system is efficient, fit for use and cost effective.

PJ Wright & Associates can provide advice about Natural and Liquefied Petroleum Gas designs for all types of Buildings. From high use Commercial projects such as restaurants and commercial laundries, to industrial projects of all sizes PJWA can provide cost efficient gas service designs that comply with AS 5601 and provide the Gas Fitter with clear and precise instructions in relation to the installation.
PJ Wright & Associates can advise on ventilation and fluing whether it be natural draft or mechanical as well as control systems that may be needed to gain approval and licensing and to ensure the project can operate as required.

We pride ourselves on documenting a full and comprehensive design which will enable all stakeholders including the gas authority, gas supplier, installers and end user to clearly understand all requirements and limitations of the gas service. We achieve this through consultation with the gas supplier, Mechanical Services Engineers and kitchen / laundry equipment suppliers, gas fixture manufacturers and pipe and fitting suppliers / manufacturers as well as establishing the client’s requirements and the potential for future expansion.

Each and every section of the proposed gas service is considered and designed to ensure that the overall system can provide the necessary requirements to be compliant with all codes and standards as well as catering for the client’s needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.
New technology within the gas industry has enabled the inclusion of gas within the project to now be more achievable than ever. Gas powered hot water systems, internal heaters and pool heaters have become more efficient with an emphasis on ‘green’ ratings which results in lower gas consumption. This can also result in a reduction of size of system components due to a lower and more diversified demand.

At PJ Wright & Associates, our design and consultation team can provide our clients with all the relevant information required to allow them to make informed decisions as to what is required for their proposed gas system as well as assisting in the selection of the most appropriate products and equipment in order to create the most effective and efficient system for the end user.




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Hydraulic Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates specialise in Hydraulic Design Services & understand the importance of being able to provide our clientele with a comprehensive Hydraulic design & documentation packages of the highest standard, which is cost efficient and functional for the end user. We offer a diverse range of Plumbing Design & Hydraulic Design Consulting services to suit our clients needs.