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About PJ Wright & Associates

In 1976 PJ Wright & Associates Pty Ltd. commenced practice as ‘Hydraulic Services’ Design and Public Health Consultants. Since its inception, the Company has been involved in the design, documentation, administration and consultation on all aspects of Hydraulic & Public Health Design Services, for projects throughout Australia & Overseas. The projects have varied from Commercial, Industrial, Residential to Institutional Developments to Aged Care Facilities and Hospitals. The expertise gained over many years provides a comprehensive consultancy service that encompasses all facets of Hydraulic Design systems

PJ Wright & Associates Pty. Ltd. has an extensive local and state government client base, which include the City of Perth, City of Stirling, Town of Cambridge, City of South Perth, City of Melville Aged Care Trust and the City of Wanneroo Aged Persons Trust, as well as the Department of Contract and Management Services. This Company prides itself on the service it delivers, and through this have been able to build up an extensive private sector client base.

PJ Wright & Associates Pty. Ltd. have worked in association with many large Architectural practices on a variety of projects. Some of these projects have won awards for innovative and efficient designs. The Midvale Velodrome, IFAP Rous Head Emergency Training Centre are two projects that have been that have been accredited with such awards.

The basic philosophy of the Company is to provide a design consultancy service of the highest standard that complies with the project brief and statutory regulations and standards.  In order to achieve this, it is important to become familiar with all aspects of the industry, from new design concepts; product and technology advancements; budget and cost control to quality control.

The Company recognises the importance and emphasises that care must be taken in the development of Contract Documents, to ensure that there are no design originated variations, which may have the effect of increasing the approved finance or budget figures.  

Foremost in the Company philosophy, is the commitment to the end user, who must be satisfied with the overall project in regard to performance, ease of operation and maintenance to the systems designed. In essence, the attention to detail and full co-ordination with other engineering disciplines provides the most cost efficient and user friendly Hydraulic Engineering Services Design, that is not only reliable, but low in maintenance.

PJ Wright & Associates Pty Ltd. was one of the first Corporate Members of the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants of Australia: Western Australian Chapter (AHSCA WA). The Company has based its office and professional practices on strict Codes of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct required by the Association.

All Senior Design Staff & Pumbing Consultants are required to be Full Members of the Association and subject to the same Codes.

PJ Wright & Associates Pty Ltd. has implemented stringent Quality Control and Management procedures throughout the contractual; design; documentation; consultation and administration stages of each project.

The Company is awaiting Independent Auditing in order to fulfil the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001. Our commitment to offering our clients the high standard of consultancy service possible has become the major driving force in this process.

This Company has adopted the ‘P.J. Wright & Associates Pty. Ltd. Quality Control Procedures Manual’, which outlines the protocols and procedures to be adopted by all staff. The manual has been structured in order to facilitate the incorporation of certain procedures that may be client or project specific.

The control systems in place within management and office procedures are based upon an approval process prior to progression from the various stages of design, documentation and administration. This ensures Senior Design Consultants and Management approve all aspects of the consultancy services prior to issue.

The issue of any documentation is limited through the Head Hydraulic Design Consultant (Architect or Project Manger), which ensures that no unauthorised issuing of documents occurs.

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Hydraulic Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates specialise in Hydraulic Design Services & understand the importance of being able to provide our clientele with a comprehensive Hydraulic design & documentation packages of the highest standard, which is cost efficient and functional for the end user. We offer a diverse range of Plumbing Design & Hydraulic Design Consulting services to suit our clients needs.