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Storm Water Design & Management

PJ Wright & Associates have extensive experience in the design of stormwater drainage systems to cater for all regional and site conditions.
PJ Wright & Associates provide specialised drainage solutions to ensure that each ‘Engineered’ Stormwater design fulfils the stringent Building Code Australia and Local Authority requirements, not only cost-effectively but with maximum efficiency.

Our design team take into account all soil and site conditions to provide a ‘best practice’ approach to the specific stormwater requirements for your site. We, not only design to the minimum City requirements, we ensure that a thorough safety in design risk analysis is performed for each individual site.

Roof drainage failure and stormwater ingress is an issue that results in extensive damage and vast rectification costs. An undersized stormwater system or lack of risk analysis can cause major damage to building structures, internal finishes, undermine footings, structural components and cause undue stress to the property owner.

PJ Wright & Associates take into account all aspects of each individual site including overland overflow paths, soil types, groundwater, soil permeability tests and Geotechnical Engineer recommendations as well as consulting with the Local Government authorities to ensure that the finished design meets all statutory requirements and disposes of all stormwater in a safe and efficient manner away from the building so as not to cause a nuisance.

PJ Wright & Associates utilises a vast range of databases and documentation as well as maintaining professional development to ensure that we are aware of all current legislation and research into the area of stormwater drainage.

PJ Wright & Associates understand that each site is unique and the requirements of each project differ from the next. Under direct consultation with the client and relevant manufacturers, we can develop a system that will not only work effectively but will also reduce and/or eliminate the risk of damage to the project due to rain and stormwater ingress.

We have experience in designing a wide range of stormwater systems including but not limited to;

•    Eaves, Valley and Box gutter systems
•    Rainheads and downpipe sizing and designs
•    Soak well and box type infiltration systems
•    Stormwater retention and detention systems
•    Groundwater and rainwater harvesting and reuse systems
•    Swales and above ground storage and retention/detention.

With close consultation and direction from Geotechnical Engineers, Structural Engineers, local government authorities and design guidelines and requirements we can design a stormwater system that will last for the lifespan of the project and reduce any impact on the structure and environment.

PJ Wright & Associates through the Association of Hydraulic Services Engineers Australia (AHSCA) maintains an active involvement in the research of roof and storm water drainage. There is currently extensive testing of roof drainage system in order to further the requirements of roof systems in excess of the AS3500 current maximum flows of 16L/s.

PJ Wright & Associates can provide its clients with expert advice and design consultancy in regards to new and existing stormwater systems ranging from:

•    Conventional roof plumbing and drainage
•    Car park and hardstand drainage
•    Overland and sub-surface drainage control
•    Minor flood mitigation systems
•    Onsite disposal and biofiltration systems
•    Major site drainage collection treatment and detention systems.




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Hydraulic Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates specialise in Hydraulic Design Services & understand the importance of being able to provide our clientele with a comprehensive Hydraulic design & documentation packages of the highest standard, which is cost efficient and functional for the end user. We offer a diverse range of Plumbing Design & Hydraulic Design Consulting services to suit our clients needs.