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Storm Water Design & Management

PJ Wright & Associates have extensive experience in the design of storm water drainage systems for all regional areas and site conditions.

PJ Wright & Associates provides specialised,cost effectively and efficient ‘engineered’ storm water drainage solutions and designs that fulfil the National Construction Code of Australia and local authority requirements. We are fully conversant with all current legislation and research in the area of storm water drainage.

Our design team considers all soil and site conditions, providing a storm water design solution based upon ‘Best Practice’ design principles for your developments specific requirements. We design to the optimum requirements, ensuring a thorough ‘safety in design’ process that a critical storm risk analysis is performed for each individual site.

All design solutions are undertaken in compliance with the Storm water Management Manual of Western Australian and local authority design specifications.

PJ Wright & Associates is aware from its years of experience in the business, of the potential damage and repair costs caused by poor roof and site drainage. When preparing a design solution, we take into consideration all aspects of each site including overland overflow paths, soil types, groundwater, soil permeability tests and geo technical engineer recommendations; as well as consulting with the local government authorities to ensure that the finished design meets all statutory requirements and disposes of all storm water effectively.

PJ Wright & Associates will develop a storm water management plan that will work effectively to reduce or eliminate the risk of damage to the project due to rain and storm water ingress or flooding.

PJ Wright & Associates have experience in designing a wide range of storm water systems including;
•    Conventional Eaves, Valley and Box gutter systems
•    Railheads, Sump and downpipe sizing
•    Soak well and drainage cell type infiltration systems
•    Storm water retention and detention systems
•    Groundwater and rainwater harvesting and reuse systems
•    Swales and sustainable disposal systems (Bio swale)
•    Storm water treatments including pollutant trap design
•    Overland flow and minor flood mitigation systems
•    Car park and hardstand drainage




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Hydraulic Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates specialises in plumbing and hydraulic services design and understands the importance of being able to provide our clients with a comprehensive hydraulic engineering consultancy service. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality design package.

PJ Wright & Associates understand the needs of the ‘end user’are paramount when developing plumbing and hydraulic design solutions. This ensures that our designs are functional as well as cost effective.