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Water Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates will cater for all aspects relating to water supply and services for your development. Our expert team can design an engineered solution and provide advice to meet your specific requirements.

Our engineered designs for Cold and Hot Water services fulfil the requirements of AS/NZS 3500 and the requirements of specialist equipment supplies. PJ Wright & Associates pride ourselves in adhering to Best Practice principles and are not limited to AS/NZS3500 in our designs. We utilise a number of respected Organisations for their continued research into the field to ensure that the end result exceeds all requirements and maintains the maximum achievable product life cycle.

Water Services Design is an integral aspect of every project that should be addressed during the design development phase. Inadequate conditions and design criteria can and will often result in a substantial decrease in product life cycles as well as the possibility of costly repairs and replacements.

PJ Wright & Associates take all design considerations and client needs into account to develop an effective solution which will be both economical and efficient. From supply pressures to hot water generation, all services can be designed and developed to meet the expectations of clients and all relevant codes and standards.

Water quality is a characteristic that affects all aspects of water system designs, including pipe and valve selection, hot water systems, piping materials and selection of supply components. In Australia, water quality has recently been determined as one of the overriding factors in the possible failure of materials causing extensive damage and resulting in excessive expenditures in rectification works. “The Australian Phenomenon” is a term that has been developed internationally by manufacturers when describing the effect of water supplies on their products.

The increasing awareness of the detrimental effects that water supply quality has on materials has resulted in the implementation of strict design criteria for every product. PJ Wright & Associates takes all design criteria into account prior to developing a design in order to engineer a complete system solution that is project specific and reliable. We also can provide expert advice concerning water treatment systems that can prolong the life of a water system to meet manufacturer’s criteria.  

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an integral design aspect for all developments. More emphasis is being placed on the re-use of rainwater and other recycled water supplies due to their environmental and economic impact on the project. PJ Wright & Associates can provide expert advice and designs for all facets of treatment, storage and transfer of potable, non-potable and recycled water systems.

Hot Water generation is an integral part of all projects that if designed incorrectly can result in an ineffective and inefficient system. If undersized, the Hot Water may not be able to provide the minimum required supply and if oversized, may lead to water losses and higher energy consumption. PJ Wright & Associates can design a Hot Water generation system based on all current data and client requests to ensure the system runs effectively and efficiently.

PJ Wright & Associates has undertaken a large range of project from Shopping Centres, offices, Schools and Colleges, Commercial fit outs, large residential developments to single residential. PJ Wright & Associates has design expertise in the following types of water services:
•    Domestic and Commercial Cold Water designs.
•    Domestic and Commercial Hot Water designs.
•    Tempered / Warm Water designs.
•    Water Storage and Pressurisation system designs.
•    Water Treatment System designs
•    Non-Potable and Recycled Water designs.
•    Irrigation and Landscape Reticulation Water designs.
•    Raw and Bore Water designs.
•    Sustainable Design.
•    Product and Material Selection.



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Hydraulic Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates specialise in Hydraulic Design Services & understand the importance of being able to provide our clientele with a comprehensive Hydraulic design & documentation packages of the highest standard, which is cost efficient and functional for the end user. We offer a diverse range of Plumbing Design & Hydraulic Design Consulting services to suit our clients needs.