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  • Brewery Wastewater Design

    Brewery Wastewater Design

    With the growth of small microbreweries in the metro and regional areas, consideration must be given to the processing and treatment of brewery wastes.

    Brewery drainage cannot be easily separated into individual waste streams, and the waste is always a mixture of two basic waste streams.

    a. The initial drain down and washing of vats containing high levels of suspended solids, as well as active yeast cultures, all of which increase the ‘Biological Oxygen Demand’ level of the waste stream.

    b. The discharge from the ‘cleaning in place’ process results in a high temperature waste with varying PH levels that must be blended.


    (Image: Cheeky Monkey Production Brewery Vasse).

    Regardless if the wastewater is disposed to a municipal sewer or through an onsite treatment system, the various characteristics of any brewery waste need to be adjusted and neutralised to ensure the effectiveness of downstream infrastructure is not adversely affected.

    PJWAA have extensive experience and knowledge in multistage processing of brewery wastes to conform to the stringent requirements prescribed by the regulating authorities.

    In addition to wastewater, PJWAA can also advise on the pre-treatment of water services to maintain water quality. Micro and membrane filtration, disinfection and other water conditioning processes to remove or lower levels of chlorine, fluoride, hardness and metals can be incorporated into the water supply system.

    In consultation with water and waste treatment specialists, PJWAA can provide a project specific solution suited to the individual requirements of your brewery, whether it be a microbrewery or large scale production facility.


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