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  • Brewery Wastewater Design

    Brewery Wastewater Design

    With the growth of small microbreweries in the metro and regional areas, consideration must be given to the processing and treatment of brewery wastes. Brewery drainage cannot be easily separated into individual waste streams and the waste is always a mixture of two basic waste streams.

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  • Hydraulic Services Engineer - What we do.

    Hydraulic Services Engineer - What we do.

    A healthy sanitation system and clean water supplies are paramount in any community. The cleanest and safest methods of providing these outcomes stem from good design practices developed over many years.

    Designing critical life safety systems, such as fire hydrants and hose reels to protect building occupants, and allowing firefighting professionals to control and supress fires also falls to the Hydraulic Services consultant.

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  • Plumbing Design Best Practice

    Plumbing Design Best Practice

    The term 'best practice' has been used as the indication that a higher level of care and attention will be exercised when providing a plumbing design service to a client. This Hydraulic Design Case Study attempts to clarify what P.J.Wright & Associates Pty Ltd believes to be the definition of best practice.

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  • Hydraulic Services Design Forensic Review

    Hydraulic Services Design Forensic Review

    P.J. Wright & Associates Pty Ltd (PJWAA) provides a unique professional service being the ‘Forensic Services Review’ of hydraulic services designs and installations.

    For many years PJWAA have been registered with Expert Opinion Services, a development arm of the University of New South Wales. This organisation specialises in providing Expert Witness Consultancies for Legal Practitioners throughout Australia.

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Hydraulic Services Design

PJ Wright & Associates specialises in plumbing and hydraulic services design and understands the importance of being able to provide our clients with a comprehensive hydraulic engineering consultancy service. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality design package.

PJ Wright & Associates understand the needs of the ‘end user’are paramount when developing plumbing and hydraulic design solutions. This ensures that our designs are functional as well as cost effective.